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There is a saying, the like in the football game, it is the kick-off that ultimately will decide the case. That has a great deal of truth in it, because most of the time a lawyer connects with the defendant after the authorities have taken legal action (charges raised) this makes it a challenge for the lawyer to direct the actual court hearings process as there are usual preconceptions by the prosecution of guilt (i.e. guilty and needs to be proven innocent, as opposed to innocent until proven guilty dictum).

In civilian and economic (business and property) areas, a well prepared contract with all the good and fair conditions will mitigate the need for any possible dispute to go to a full trial.

The secret to avoid placing items in the contract that can be made null and void, terms and conditions that are included must not be able to be questioned, and this is then accompanied by the necessary safeguards.

All of this type of assistance can be provided by me as your lawyer. Please contact us before concluding any contracts.

However in the event the matter is before the courts, and you are the defendant or plaintiff, it is important to understand that it is not always enough for the believe you know or say the truth or you have the facts exactly comprehended, as winning the lawsuit is not an automatic or a given. Sometimes people themselves did not know that what they did in the case before the trial, or were not aware, that there may have been an illegal aspect, even if their own moral principles differ from the official legislation laws.

Even with the full compliance and lawful conduct, one cannot be sure of the righteous justice because of lawsuit may include facts or process that can reverse a logical decision.

For this reason, even if you think you are in the right, always retain a lawyer to assist.

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