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Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting my site. I would like to introduce myself to you:

I am Dr. Thomas Erdos. I received my Degree in Law at the Budapest ELTE University, while actively working. Prior to that, I originally commenced my studies in the Zalka Máté Military Technical College, and later transferred to the study of Law. After graduation I completed a an additional specialist course in criminal forensic
s at the Police Officer Academy (only police officers are permitted to be enrolled at police education centres). Later I received accreditation and qualifications as an official tax expert.

I worked as a police officer at all times during my university period.
In the first 3 years I was a uniformed police officer, and then in year four I was reassigned later under the command of the elite reactionary Police unit, and later then before as detective, and then as a lead investigator. In this capacity, I then worked in the field at the city of Dunaújváros and then transferred to the Budapest III. District, where I was at that main District Police Station, and finally I was reassigned to the Primary Budapest Police Headquarters and its Department of Economic Investigation. It was in that capacity that I began to deal with the economic crimes area.

Shortly after graduation, I was assigned to the Budapest Military Prosecutor's Office, where after many years of successful work experience and exams, I was graduated and was confirmed as a full Military Prosecutor.

After my period of compulsory military conscription, there was a one and half years’ service at the county courts, followed by 10 years of presiding Prosecutor service during which time I also had the function to administrate over the criminal prosecution convictions implementation and then worked for 10 years Prosecution Service, whits acting as a Prosecutor, in parallel with the added law enforcement and prosecutorial functions. Then I was transferred to the Municipal Prosecutor's Office Criminal Investigation Economic Crimes Department for two years.

Since 1998 I am a practising independent lawyer. As an accredited Tax Expert, I managed to acquire the practical experience in all manner of economic activities, as well as managing criminal case matters, and on a daily basis I continue to be involved in cases concerning: tax, social security, corporate law, property and asset law and accounting analysis.

Since 2013 in respect of criminal law, criminal procedure and punishment, I am a serving member of the State Examination Committee.

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