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Labor law


Other laws and regulations apply in respect of labour (employment) relations, public sector employment relations, public servants and civil service relationships, professional service relationships, which differ for the laws applying to soldiers, police officers, law enforcement organizations and the members of the Treasury officials.

Unlike the labour relations under standard civil laws, the laws that apply to these jobs are not co-ordinated, and can be subordinate or superior to “civil” legal relations because they do not have the same rights for either the employers or employees.

A lawyer can help employers to not employ someone and be in breach of the regulations, and conversely can help an employee to maintain their rights in the workplace or service so that they will not suffer an illegal disadvantage.

Not only must one sort through the issues related to such employment relationships as listed above, but lets take for example, a company managing director. His role may be discharged in employment, according under the Labour Code, and he is an executive member under the Civil Code. Although depending on his contract relationship, these rules whilst applying in a similar fashion, will not necessarily apply in equal fashion in respect of the Health insurance regulations.

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