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During the time I was a military prosecutor, I was fortunate in gaining wide-ranging practical experience, due to the fact that the Prosecution Authority was responsible over both the armed uniformed forces (Army and the now defunct Border Police) and the other protection forces (i.e. police, prisons guards, finance police, etc.). During this period, the military prosecution worked effectively with highly experienced staff, professional military courts and military investigative authorities.

Today, the military prosecutor's office only acts in connection with the armed forces (specifically military offenses), and other crimes committed by armed uniformed persons, and the service fraudulent, but in cases involving civilians as well (e.g. Police improper use of weapons, forced interrogation, undue violence, corruption or fraud, etc.) and perform such prosecution in association with "civilian" courts.

It is a fact, that in military life conditions there are few "civil" judges, as are such "civil" offenders. Among the few public criminal judges who specialize in special military commissions and tribunal hearings (court martials), many are not familiar with the provisions of the Military Duty Regulations is and they do not desire to implement these. With the termination of compulsory military service (the draft), today inside the military organizations there are now a greater number of women in uniform are also people who are less familiar level in the field of military employment law, and even less with the necessary legal skills.

Such "civil" courts are less attuned to the specifics of a military use of weapons situation and would accuse the end perpetrators rather than understand a chain of command or order and its responsibility, and the pressure on the perpetrator not to disobey a direct order. In these situations, a specialist military law competent lawyer is able to see more opportunities to mitigate the situation and its development, even before the courts or disciplinary proceedings and charges are made..

The exception to the above would be in corruption cases, which belong in the military courts, and in these cases there exist very strict in judgement proceedings and penalties.

Due to my extensive Military experience I am able to undertake, not only Hungarian, but foreign allied forces legal work. Therefore, I had the good fortune to have worked for some time in the French Foreign Legion as well. As a result, if required this also can give advice in relation to this specific military organization.

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