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Punishment execution

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In the field of penal law enforcement, countless possibilities exist for the lawyer to participate and assist. A lawyer can help you achieve a variety of advantages, such as:
- Implementing a milder degree of penalty sentence
- Milder implementing rules
- Penalty interruption
- Reintegration

- Conditional release (probationary release) or
- Assistance with disciplinary matters and representation.

Included in the above, I would add that all the related processes, such as the postponement of the punishment or execution due to a key important reason, or other special procedures, or in a special area on dismissal and facts relating to that, or against whom a charge has been withdrawn, or as a consequence of any of the above, the commencement of compensation procedures.

In these types of cases, as a policeman and a prosecutor with great experience: I reviewed many closed cases and certain affairs were re-opened and investigated and I also worked as a prosecutor inside the  prison system for the review of cases where evidence was presented to justify a case review.

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