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There are opinions that in the field of tax litigation, being a tax expert is simply to study the regulations, hover courts determine the outcome, hence specialist lawyers are required for debate of the points of law as ultimately the decision is made by the court. It is a mistake to relay on a simple tax expert, yet there is just enough truth in it, in that tax issues be resolved solely laws.

However, in terms of taxes it is not enough just to learn the rules.   Very serious practical application context should also be recognized, not only those in proceedings of certain tax matters that can be resolved, but also to be possible to calculate in advance the tax policy (rulings).

It was characteristic that there were many loopholes that existed in the early 1990s, in fact it was predictable that what loopholes were open, and which one would take advantage of, yet today these loopholes have been minimised.

I feel privileged that I have been a tax expert from the beginning, ever since the personal income tax, sales tax (VAT), and its associated TAO self-declaration systems were introduced in Hungary.
Therefore, I have seen the start, and today I am fully inside the whole process.

Nowadays, the required accounting tasks far exceed those of the 1989-90 period. The State gradually casts off its registration duty, thus passing on to the taxpayer the accounting burdens, and these businesses have grown tremendously since then. Let us remember that in 1989 practically no-one had to give a return of 3-4 types, usually only once simple return per year. Today, we do not even know the real number of tax returns needed under monthly, quarterly and annual obligations, which evolve constantly. In the course of auditing activities under which with I had daily contact, I can give advice to businesses in such fields for the preparation of reports as well.

This activity is not incompatible nor a conflict of interests with the law, according to lawyer activities.

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